Saturday, July 12, 2014

Happy Birthday America! (Why I Feel Birthday's Are Important)

Hey Everyone!

   As crazy as it seems, the fourth of July has already come and gone. Lately it feels like the years are coming and going at a crazy speed! I feel like I'm going to blink and then open my eyes and I'll be 90 years old. And almost dead.


Onto happier subjects!


I celebrated America's Birthday the way that most people do, I think. By barbecuing and scarfing down an obscene amount of MEAT.

I had pictures to show you all but they seem to have disappeared... Dang it. :( 

Anyway, let's move on from this very disappointing discovery and look at some cool birthday pictures!

In honor of America's Birthday, I present to you........


     I will freely admit that I get WAY more excited about birthday's than the normal person does. I'm not just talking about my birthday either. Nope, any birthday of a family member/friend/friend's child/ random people I meet on the street gets me really excited!

Most people who know me assume (not incorrectly) that it's because it is an acceptable excuse to eat cake. But let's be honest, since when have I needed an excuse to eat cake?

Nope, the reason I love birthday's is because it symbolizes something SO COOL. Not only does it celebrate the day that you were born but to me it's a celebration of everything that you've overcome that past year.

Think about it. Think about everything you've been through. Every trial, every bad day or fight with someone you love. Think about every time someone has made you feel as though you weren't good enough, or pretty enough. All the tears and atrocious thoughts that have made you forget just how awesome you are. Every single thing that has made you feel like crap throughout the year.

Then blow out those candles on your Birthday and celebrate because you made it!

You beat those thoughts, or people, or job, or car accident, or disease that made your heart break and you came out stronger.

To me, birthdays are important because they are a way to tell the entire world (and yourself) that you survived everything in your life that was trying to beat you down.

So, yeah, I love getting excited for birthdays. (Also, just realized I may be over thinking them a bit. Oh well.)

In honor of America's Birthday (also a symbol of everything that we as a country have overcome, FYI). I'm offering a killer deal on birthday photo shoots!

- If you book a birthday shoot with me during the month of July you will get the entire shoot at a location of your choice for $40!

- To be clear, you just have to BOOK the shoot. The birthday doesn't have to be during July. And it doesn't have to be your birthday. It could be a friend's birthday, a kid's birthday, a family member's birthday, etc..... Doesn't matter I will shoot them all! (Which I realize makes me sound like a psychotic killer. I'll just trust that you all know I mean shoot with a camera.)

- For those of you with children: If you book a shoot and have an idea for an indoor shoot, say with your child tearing apart a cake in the amazing way that only children can, then I can also offer studio shoots for the same price!

- I'm booking shoots for Northern and Southern Utah. 

Email, call, text, or facebook me to book a shoot!

See you soon!