Tuesday, April 29, 2014

My Favorite Subject (An Ode To Squishy)

Hello Everyone!

You've met her before, but I'm going to introduce you all to her again:

Meet Squishy!

She's my niece/cutest tiny human in the world.

Because of her cuteness/close proximity to me and my camera she is often the subject of impromptu photo shoots.

Sometimes she's cool with this:

Other times, not so much:

And then there are these photos that prove two things:

1. That her cheeseball-ness (word is trademarked Lindsi Neilson, patent pending...) goes above and beyond that of my own. A hard thing to achieve, mind you:

2. For some reason, she REALLY likes to put heavy, unwieldy things on her head. Then run around and bump her head into things.

But no matter how many brain cells she knocks out of herself, she will always be MY squishy. (and cue the "awwwww.....'s")

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