Sunday, May 31, 2015

AirGo Paddle Boarding (Where Will You Go?)

Hello Everyone!

     This weekend I got to take a trip to Vineyard Beach with one of my favorite families! You see, they own a paddle board rental company called AirGo Paddle Boarding, and they needed some new promotional photos for the start of the summer season.

I was more than happy to oblige:

     Paddle boarding is great for everyone whether you're a beginner (like me), or an expert in the art of outdoor activities. 

     They also offer date night, weekend, and vacation packages!  

     Click here to check out their website, and then call and arrange a rental. You won't be sorry!

    One more thing that happened this weekend? I found out what happens when you ride next to a bored three year old in a car:

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Bowman/Seaver Family

Hello Everyone!

     Meet the Bowman/Seaver family:

     You're probably thinking to yourselves "What an adorable family!" 

    And you're right.

    But you haven't seen anything yet!

    Just take a look at these kids: 

You may recognize one of these cuties from this post almost a year ago. Look at how much she's grown!
The little girl's face is probably telling you how done she was with the photos by the time I got this shot. Good thing this was the last photo of the day!

Tiny little flower child? Yes please!
        I've been friends with these people for going on 6 years now. Holy cow has the time flown! I'm always so happy to take pictures for people I know and love.

   Look! More photos!

This is possibly my favorite one from the whole shoot. There's nothing quite like the love of a mother.

   Most of these handsome homo-sapiens work in a theatre, and needed some new headshots. I, of course, was happy to oblige:

    Family photoshoots are so gorgeous in the Springtime! Contact me via my "Contact Me" page to set up a shoot for your family!