Monday, August 4, 2014

My New Best Friend! (The story of how a two year old is the best best friend)

Hey Everyone!

   So, since I've moved up to Provo I haven't had ONE photo session...... AND IT HAS BEEN KILLING ME.

   I LOVE photography, so when ever I go a significant amount of time (like, 3 or more days) without a shoot I start to go a little bit crazy. Luckily I have several shoots coming up in the next few weeks, so some semblance of normalcy will be coming back into my life soon.

   That's why my posts have been (just a bit) MIA.

   However, just because I haven't had any new photo shoots does not, by any means, mean that I haven't taken any photos. My new favorite photo subject also happens to be my new best friend!
Why yes, my new best friend is a 2 year old ginger. Why do you ask?

    Since I've moved away from Squishy, I've had a bit of toddler withdrawal. (P.S. A bit means "climbing the walls and calling everyone who's near her to hear her talk and say my name so she doesn't forget me" right?)

    I think that if I were staying with anyone else then I might start having some serious withdrawal symptoms.

    However, Janae and Bob are so great! They decided (two years before I even moved in with them) to have a baby just so I would have someone to focus my toddler love on! Aren't they sweet? (I mean, they say that Graham wasn't born solely for my benefit, but I'm not sure I believe them.)

   Regardless of the reason behind Graham being born, he has quickly become my new best friend!

   You guys, being best friends with a two year old is FANTASTIC! I would highly recommend it.

 He's getting really good at talking, but there are sometimes when I just can't understand him. Instead of getting frustrated and walking off like an older best friend might, he just grabs my hand and leads me to whatever he wants. Perfect!

He always shares whatever sticks he finds with me. 

 He makes me food. In this picture he was making me toe-toe (toast) in the rice cooker. 

Did I mention how willing he is to share with me? In this case, he saw that I didn't have a bay-bay (blanket) so he went and got me his extra one so we both could have one!

He's always willing to crack my back for me. By sitting on it and jumping up and down (repeatedly).

Honestly, who can resist this face? And his amazing hair?! 

   All joking aside, this kid resides in a place close to my heart. Everything this cutie does is hilarious! 

   I seriously have the most fun time with this kid. And out of the two of us I definitely get the better end of this best friendship. I mean think about it, all this kid wants is some one to tickle him and give him animal crackers, and in return I get endless laughs and just general good fuzzy feelings inside.

Also, I let him make bridges out of my legs for his trucks. So win-win.

Also, I have taught him the glories of Dr. Pepper.


His parents are very proud. 

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