Saturday, May 10, 2014

Perfect Is Boring (Why I Don't Like Photoshop)

Hey Everyone!

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A confession:

I don't like perfect photos. I think they're boring.

Another confession:

I don't like Photoshop. Well..... I don't like Photoshop when it's overused. See Below:

Now, Madonna's cool. But she's also 55. Why are we trying to make her look 20? Or, for that matter, dressing her up like some sort of under dressed boxer?

Also, why is the photographer relying so much on Photoshop to fix the lighting? Don't get me wrong, I use Photoshop to tweak lighting and color as much as the next person. And I LOVE me a good action.

But I'm fascinated with shooting photos that don't need any Photoshop. This photo that I showed on my last post is one of those rare beauties (helped along by my amazingly gorgeous sister!):

 And yet, when I showed this to her she didn't believe that I hadn't Photoshopped her at all.

That's why I don't like Photoshop. The unreal body expectations that plague both men and women today are only enforced by people who use Photoshop to make 55 year-old's look 20.  

Real beauty doesn't come digitally. It comes imperfectly. 

Sometimes during bad weather,

 Or during water fights,

When you vacuum your sister into a garbage bag!

Or when your family gathers on a busy Saturday just for you.

 Sometimes beauty sneaks up on you. (With a little help from your niece, or some friends)

It can make you laugh,

(Just a typical day in the Pettit household.)

Or break your heart.
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Beauty isn't perfect. Real beauty is messy, chaotic, annoying, loving, and most of all it is unique. Just like everyone of us.

The purpose of this post, this blog, heck, my entire business isn't to shoot perfect photographs. I think that is a futile waste of time, and I'm not going to promise perfect photos. 

However, I will shoot photos that are beautifully unique, and 100% tell the world who YOU are. And we'll have a whole bunch of fun doing it!

And I may even use just a bit of Photoshop. (Maybe)

 To book a shoot and get some of your own perfectly imperfect photos, please email me at

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