Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Unicorn of the Theatre World. AKA The Good Headshot.

Hello Everyone!

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Many of you have heard of this mystical thing called a "head shot", for those of you unlucky enough to never have heard of this, I'll show you what it is:

That's right people, it's a photograph of someone's head!

Although, now that I think about it, if you're a ninja, spy, super secret sharp shooter or some other strange (AWESOME) job it could also mean shooting someone in the head.... But for this conversation, we'll use the first definition.

SIDE NOTE: Look at how pretty my friend is! You may recognize her from this post, or from any number of cool places (like this, this, or this!)

Anyway, those of us who are acquainted with the world that needs head shots on a regular basis knows three things:

1. They can be VERY expensive to get done. Paying for a photographer, buying copyrights, purchasing the prints... It adds up very quickly.

2. You don't always like the way they turn out. And because they are so expensive you can't always afford to retake them.

3. Having a good head shot can make or break an audition. Seriously, I've been in on 30 or so auditions and 9 times out of 10 if you show up with a head shot that looks professional the director will remember you and your audition better, and the chances of you being cast will go WAY up. You have a way better chance of getting a gig with a picture than you do if the director scribbles "blonde hair, blue shirt" on your audition form in between auditions.

Now, you may be asking yourself "WHY IS LINDSI WRITING SUCH A BORING POST??!!"

Well my charming and beautiful friends. Hang in there, because here it comes!

For every poor college student out there yearning to be free of the tight bonds of financial strain, and who also needs a headshot (and I KNOW there are a lot of you, because 95% of the peeps I know are theatre people). Or even if you just decide you want a nice picture of yourself, (which can come in handy!) I offer the following deal:

- $50 headshots that INCLUDES:
     - A photo session with 3 changes of clothes in the location of your choice (either in Provo once I'm up there, or down in St. George when I'm down there).
    - Full editing on up to 5 shots of your choice.
    - CD of 5 edited shots, with no limit on where you print your pictures, or how many pictures you can print off of the CD!
    - A GUARANTEE that you will like your shots, or I will RETAKE THEM at no extra cost.

I've been a poor college student without the means to get the tools I needed to make the most of my education. Heck, I'm not even a college student and I STILL feel that way.

That's why the offer is open to anyone.

To book a shoot, please email me at Or, if you have my phone number, give me a call or shoot me a text. JUST CONTACT ME ALREADY.

Now, below are some more photos of beautiful people. Oh, and they also happen to be some good examples of the head shots I've taken lately. What a coincidence!

Also, here are some MORE cute pictures of Squishy! (I just can't help myself.....)

Why yes, those are gloves on her feet. In addition to her infinite cuteness, she's also a budding fashion designer/inventor.)


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