Monday, April 28, 2014

I call her Jack, or Jack-Attack, or a few other nicknames that are random, but she'll answer to Jackie too.

Hello Everyone!

This is one of my best friends Jackie Johnson:

 Isn't she gorgeous???

Jackie and I have a long history that starts back in her freshman (my junior) year of college. We met because we both worked at the same place at BYU, and we bonded over......



Actually I don't really remember what we bonded over; with Jackie it's like we've always been friends.

Our friendship has survived college, 2 LDS missions (both hers, one was a performing mission to Nauvoo!), hundreds of miles, and countless other little life thingys that always seem to get in the way.

Speaking of missions, I was the awesome person that wrote her (pretty) consistently the entire 18 months she was gone. I believe my letters were a huge bright spot of joy and light and happiness in her mission. She's never told me this, but I can feel it from her. That's just how close we are.

Anyway, while visiting her up in Northern Utah I shot her some new head shots. Because in addition to be able to quote every episode of Psych, play the ukulele, and write songs (LIKE A BOSS!), she also sings, dances, and acts (LIKE A BOSS! A DOUBLE BOSS!).

Here are some beautiful shots of the wonderful person I call Jack-Attack. Enjoy!

Interested in booking a shoot? Email me at!

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