Friday, June 13, 2014

Intro To My Brothers (Read At Your Own Risk).....

Hey Everyone!

Meet my family!

Many of these beautiful people have been showcased on my blog before! But you unlucky ladies and gentlemen haven't had the privilege of meeting ANY of my brothers!

Quick! We must remedy this!

(Please read the following sentence with a drum roll sound on your head.)

I'm proud to present.....


From left to right: Nate (also known as Dad), Joshua (father of Squishy), JP (recently returned missionary/ninja), and Jaysen (who looks extremely bored in this picture and most of the time in real life)
 The reason you don't see these boys very much on this here blog is because they don't like to let me take their pictures very often. I can't imagine why!

This is literally one of three pictures that I have of Joshua. I took this when we straightened his hair and he looked kind of like Jesus.

Not gonna lie, most of the pictures I have of JP are shirtless.

Okay, so maybe the pictures I take of my brothers usually lean towards hilarious rather than glamorous.

But it's only because they are constantly making me laugh! That's what I love most about my brothers, their ability to make me smile and laugh constantly.

In other words, they're pretty cool dudes and I love them a lot. 

They're not bad looking either, huh? 

Many thanks to Tara Wright for taking the pictures on her camera and then not minding when I asked if I could edit them! Thanks girl!

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