Monday, September 15, 2014

Kids, kids, and more kids!

Hello Everyone!

   This last week I took photos of my Aunt and Uncle's grandchildren. My cousin's children. My second cousins? I think?

   Honestly, I'm not exactly sure what these cuties official familial title between us is. So I gave them my own.


  Cutest Cousins (probably second cousins) 
(Kinda rolls off the tongue, right?)

     Anyway, this shoot was amazing for several reasons, one of which is just these kids innate cuteness. 

   Also, they were all under the age of 5. Which means that we had a BUNCH of emoting going on throughout the whole process. 

We had laughter/smiles:

Some crazy faces:

   A few tears: 

And a lot of general cuteness:

Capturing the innocent and hilarious moments that children have on a daily basis is one of my favorite things to do as a photographer. Contact me to book a children's shoot before they grow up!

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