Thursday, September 11, 2014

Photo Challenge DAy 8

Hey Everyone!

   Today's photo challenge comes courtesy of a good friend/mentor of mine. (She's the one who puts together the 3 Dotters Vintage Market in Utah County, and also participates in a ton of other vintage markets around Utah Valley. She's also responsible for getting me hooked/obsessed with all things vintage.

   Her daughters are amazingly beautiful and I was lucky enough to shoot a few new head shots. (Because on top of being beautiful, their entire family is also super talented! Seriously. This family is amazing.)


Ok, ok, so I know I'm breaking my rules here by posting four photos instead of one, and because some of these photos have been Photoshopped a bit, but I want everyone to know that I only tweaked the lighting, and put some filters on the photos. Which means that the beautiful skin, eyes, and everything else are all natural!

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