Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Rain is AWESOME (especially to a two year old)

Hey Everyone!

   Today I'm going to do an entire post and have it count as my photo challenge because I can't pick just one.


   So I'm going to cheat a bit and choose not to choose. Ha-HA!


  Today it rained.

  A lot.

  Graham loved it.

  A LOT. (Please see below)

  While splashing at the playground today we learned some very important things:

Pants that stay up when they're dry, will fall off when they're wet. 

  Worms do not like the water.

So we'll pick the worm up and take him somewhere dry.

And then we'll get bored watching the worm in a dry place and dunk him in a puddle. Repeatedly.

We learned about balance and coordination

Or lack thereof....

And finally, we learned that stomping in puddles is great!

But jumping off of something INTO a puddle is even BETTER!

Also,you get soaking wet in the rain:

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  1. lindsi--
    I cannot help but feel nostalgic when your pics are posted! tenn is way too far away. snif, snif

    love you, love your pics, and LOVE the people you take those fantastic moments of--april w.