Thursday, June 11, 2015

June Photo Challenge Day 9!

Hello Everyone,

    Recently I had a family shoot with some great people that I've known for almost a decade. They're wonderful people, and I love taking photos for them because they're always so happy and willing to try anything. Last April I got the chance to meet the newest (at that point) member of their clan and take some adorable one year old pictures for them.

   I was transferring photos from my old computer to my new computer last night (I'm only about halfway done) and decided to take another look at those photos to see if I'd missed anything the first time around.

   Here's what I found:

   Haha! This photo cracks me up because it made me remember that, in order to get this little cutie into the basket we had to bribe her with a bowl full of yogurt bites. You can tell she was super excited!

   Totally worth it though (especially for Ginny!):

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