Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Old Photo Challenge For June

Hello Everyone!

    I'm working on transferring my photo files from my old computer to my new computer, a task that I have discovered takes too long, and is quite boring. In order to remain sane I've started to re-visit photos I've taken over the years, which has led me to some photo gems that I had either overlooked or forgotten about.

   After that happened several times I decided that posting them here would be a great way to share some fun memories with everyone! So, for the next 30 days I'm planning on posting one photo a day, with two conditions: 1. They have to have been taken more than a year ago, and 2. They can't have been featured on my blog before.

   Yesterday I posted this photo of my niece Squishy :

Taken right after she had finished playing in the sprinklers, I remember that right after this photo was taken she got tangled up in the blinds on my door, and I had to cut her out of them. The blinds, sadly, did not make it.

Today's photo comes courtesy of an old friend and her husband: 

Katie and I have been friends since high school, and we both moved back to St. George around the same time a few years ago (this photo was taken in 2012, I believe). I hadn't photographed anyone in a long time and asked Katie if she and her husband CJ would be willing to help me out and give me some practice. They complied with amazing results. This gorgeous shot was overlooked at first, though I'm not sure why. But I'm glad we can enjoy it now!

Check back tomorrow for more forgotten photos!

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